The main objects of the Zoroastrian Association of Western Australia include:

  1.   To advance religious and cultural knowledge of the Zoroastrian religion and faith among the Perth Zoroastrian community of Western Australia.

  2.   To be a religious, non-political, non-sectarian and cultural organisation.

  3.   To conduct various religious activities including Jashans (thanksgiving), Gahambars (religious feasts), Navjotes (initiations), marriage and death ceremonies and similar religious activities for the community.

  4.   To provide the Zoroastrians of Western Australia with a place of worship and cultural facilities.

  5.   To conduct periodical religious schools to enable Zoroastrian children and others to acquire a knowledge of Zoroastrian concepts, history, literature and arts in all its forms. To promote the teaching of Avesta, Pahalvi, Persian, Gujarati and other languages related to the religious faith.

  6.   To provide a library of religious books and scriptures of Zoroastrian religion.

  7.   To promote better relations among members of the Zoroastrian community by providing assistance, religious and social counselling and hospitality to its members as and when the need arises.

  8.   To render assistance to Zoroastrians who settle in Western Australia.

  9.   To maintain contact with Zoroastrian Associations throughout the world.

  10.   To contribute to charitable causes in Australia and overseas as may from time to time be determined by the Committee in accordance with the principles of the Zoroastrian faith.